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Genesis 3-Phase Weight Loss Program

Do you want to lose weight? We make it easy with the GENESIS 3-PHASE PROGRAM. We provide our patients with a safe and effective medically supervised program that combines the science of weight loss with healthy eating habits.



At Genesis Weight Loss and Wellness Centers, we start by giving you an individualized plan developed for your desired weight loss based on our medical evaluation. Our staff will meet with you weekly to determine your progress, make any plan adjustments, and ensure that you are responding to the program. The weekly meetings will continue until you have reached your goal.



Congratulations are in order as you have met your weight loss goal! You will continue to be medically supervised and guided on a weekly basis. You will be provided with the tools and strategies that will help you succeed in maintaining your healthy weight. In this phase you will learn how to incorporate other foods into your daily life. All this is to help you maintain your weight.



This phase is long-term maintenance that helps you avoid repeating past failures, regressing and gaining back the weight that you have lost. During this phase each patient is monitored by a member of the medical staff on a monthly basis, and is continually provided with the knowledge and support to continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

3-Phase Weight Loss Program

$120 initial visit (new patients) includes:

  • Program Overview with our Medical Staff
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • EKG
  • Weight & Body Fat Percentage Obtained
  • Blood Pressure Check
  • Blood Work
  • Vitamin Injection
  • Medical Consultation with our Physician
  • Weekly Supply of Medication (if indicated)
  • First Month of Multivitamin
  • First Month of Fat Burners

Restart Patients: $99 visit

$50 weekly progress visits includes:

  • Assessment of Weight
  • Assessment of Body Fat
  • Blood Pressure Check
  • Vitamin Injection
  • Program Assessment with our Medical Staff
  • Physician Availability
  • Weekly Supply of Medication (if indicated)
  • Periodic Remeasurement of Waist
  • Periodic Reassessment of Health Risks
  • Periodic Education and Informational Materials

Annual visit includes:

  • EKG
  • Blood Work
  • Measurement of Weight
  • Measurement of Body Fat
  • Measurement of Waist Circumference
  • Measurement of Blood Pressure
  • Vitamin Injection
  • Health Risk Assessment

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